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PM Dung receives Lao Chief of General Staff
PM Dung receives Lao Chief of General Staff
On May 28, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received Chief of the General Staff of the Lao People’s Army, Major General Suvon Luongbunmi who is currently on a working visit to Vietnam.
PM Dung praised the results of cooperation between the two defence ministries which, he said, made positive contributions to strengthening the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos.

The PM asked the two militaries to collaborate and share experiences in building the army and ensuring security in border areas, adding that Vietnam always supports cooperative activities between the two nations.

He said he hopes Laos will continue assisting Vietnam in repatriating the remains of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers to their homeland to satisfy the desires of their relatives.

Major General Luongbunmi said his visit aims to promote ties of cooperation and friendship as well as mutual understanding between the two armies.

He said he will do his best to boost defence cooperation, particularly in the areas suggested by PM Dung, saying that he hopes Vietnam will continue to support Laos in training personnel.


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